Tigers Motorcycle Display Team

The Tigers Motorcycle Display Team is an organisation based around Gosport Hampshire dedicated to teaching boys and girls, aged between 5 and 16 to ride motorcycles together as a team, which they do very successfully, producing exciting displays for the public.

The junior team, who are aged between 5 and 8, pull out all the stops with complicated formation riding pushing their concentration span to the limit.

The senior team, ages 9 to 16, exhibit technical skill and courage JUMPING THROUGH FIRE AND OVER A CAR. For the cute factor they also have two Tiger mascots who are the youngest members of the team.

The Tigers have been performing for 38 years and in that time have raised considerable sums of money for various charities.

The 2019 season promises to be very exciting with a totally new show that will combine carefully choreographed manoeuvres with jumps and ramps to thrill all ages. The 2019 performances will last approximately 45 minutes, but we recommend allocating the Tigers a 60 minute slot in your schedule to allow them to set up/clear the arena.