Flyin Ryan

The Flyin Ryan Motorcycle stunt show, is an exciting glimpse into the  daredevil world of a motocross champion, turned stunt entertainer.

Flyin Ryan has been using his high powered motorcycles to thrill spectators at events, large and small, since the late 90’s.  His off road skills are tuned to perfection to perform, all the crowds favourite stunts, inside a securely fenced arena (minimum 50mx75m).

Daring jumps over vehicles, of all shapes and sizes, explosive jumps through fire, and freestyle tricks without a landing ramp, are the norm, for this professional motorcycle maniac.

The 2 different 30 min displays, also contain a jaw dropping array of wheelie stunts and tricks, lots of fast moving action and an abundance of excitement, and a few comedy routines, carefully dropped into the mix during the show.

Tasty Tina, is the trainee rider. A mother of two she has taken up stunt riding to prove to her daughters it’s not just a man thing, and she performs in most stunts alongside Ryan.

Ryan commentates on the entire show, and is quick to draw the crowd into the performance, encouraging them to clap and cheer, the amusing, sometimes “tongue in cheek” commentary, keeps the crowd fully informed, and entertained.

The Flyin Ryan Motorcycle Stunt Show, is an action packed, not to be missed, arena act, fully risk assessed and insured, with 20 years experience performing around the UK . …If you have had the rest, time to try the best.