Parkour Action

For 2019 we are launching the brand new Parkour/Freerunner portable rig. So now you have the chance to watch these highly skilled athletes right up close!

Parkour/Freerunning is all about getting from A to B in the fastest way possible demonstrating strength, precision and co-ordination as they flip and leap across any obstacles in their path.

The new portable display rig has been designed to ensure the shows are exciting and jaw dropping. The rig is 10m x 12m and is 4m high – really allowing the athletes to express themselves showing the finesse and power of the Parkour/Freerunning athletes. Expect to see some of the latest tricks – normally only seen on TV and the internet.

There are 3 performers in the display – ensuring the 15 minute displays are truly action packed. In their own arena the team will perform three displays per day.

Between displays the teams qualified coaches invite children to take part in coaching sessions – so anyone ready to have a go at this fast growing sport are more than welcome.

The team have two level 2 parkour coaches.