Mini Monster Truck Mania

Children and adults can enjoy a taste of what it’s like to pilot a monster truck in the pocket sized replicas which are driven around a designated course

Mini Monster Truck Mania have teamed up with the UK’s Monster Truck National teams and have replicated your favourite trucks to experience and drive first hand.

Mini Monster Trucks available are: Big Pete, the Grim Reaper, Swamp Thing, Slingshot and PodZilla

No sun? No problem!

The Mini Monster Trucks can run in any weather and on any surface.

Petrol engines, restricted speed, safety helmets, seatbelts and battery operated kill switches mean ultimate safety!

All that is required is a pitch size of 20m x 40m maximum. This area needs to be surrounded by Crowd Control barriers supplied by the event organiser.

On arrival, Mini Monster Truck Mania will build a designated course, erect a pay booth (if required), merchandising stand, pit area and provide queuing lanes for each truck.

We also provide all safety equipment and professional staff needed for this attraction.