Red Devils

The Parachute Regiment Freefall Team ‘The Red Devils’ is the official parachute display team of both the Parachute Regiment (‘The PARAS’) and the British Army.

Every member of the team has served a minimum of three years in a Parachute Regiment battalion and has taken part in at least one operational tour of duty in either: The Falkland Islands, Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and/or Iraq.

A classic Red Devils parachute display will see up to eight team members jumping from an altitude of up to 10,000ft. Trailing smoke to demonstrate their speed and movement, the highly-skilled skydivers will freefall at speeds of up to 120mph, before deploying their parachutes. Once safely under canopy, team members will demonstrate breathtaking, high-speed “Swoop” landings and spectacular “Canopy Formations” – both unique to parachute displays in the UK.