The Drakes of Hazard

The Drakes of Hazard perform two shows lasting around 20-25 minutes each, however they can be flexible to accommodate specific requirements.

Firstly the dogs are introduced to the audience as well as the 15 or so ducks included in the performance. Mark will then give a short talk about the training of the dogs and demonstrate the basic commands for the audience, bringing a lifetime’s worth of skill and humour to your event.

The tenacious Indian Runner Ducks will then skip with a nonchalant laid-back arrogance as they jaunt across two infamous bridges; the “Golden Yolk Bridge” and the rope bridge, known to strike terror into lesser fowl, the “Bridge over the River Quack”. The fun doesn’t stop there – the ducks will then run through the long, dark and mysterious “Bermuda Tunnel” not to mention the feather-ruffling “Tower of Doom” requiring great courage and a leap of faith to complete it safely.

Brave young volunteers will then be asked to stand in carefully positioned hoops whilst the ducks zigzag between them, a not to be missed photo opportunity for mums and dads!
The ducks end each performance by sliding down the Ben Lomond Chute into a pool of ice-cold water.

Children have the opportunity of meeting both dogs and ducks at the end of the show.