Horseboarding UK

Horseboarding UK is an international act that have performed at some of the biggest shows across Europe.

This unique equestrian display combines the speed and excitement of horse racing, the skill and risk of board sports and the simplicity of racing against the clock.

Each team gets three attempts to compete the course in the fastest time possible, with only the fastest time counting on the score board. Speeds, normally in the high-20s can be as fast as 33MPH, are captured by our speed trap and display. 

Teams push the limit and often find the edge as they try to shave hundredths of a second off their previous time in spectacular fashion. The near misses, the amazing riding, the unbelievable saves, the split-second difference and the inevitable crashes are all presided over by our ground crew, international judges, commentators, DJ and specialist computer program which breaks down the results to give the commentary team moment to moment stats from the heat, weekend and the championship.