The Mini Pony Show

Roll Up!  Roll Up!  Prepare to be Dazzled!

Introducing The Mini Pony Show – equestrian razzle dazzle in miniature!

The Mimi Pony Show is a flamboyant side attraction, that fit in perfectly at any venue!   All their displays aim to inspire, delight, enchant and excite, whilst also providing insights into the amazing world of equestrian performance art.  If you are looking for entertainment with a difference then look no further!

From the minute The Mini Pony Show begins, audiences will be mesmerised by these two remarkable little ponies, Rolo and Sprout.  The incredible level of communication between them and Rosie will have everyone enthralled from start to finish.  Following each performance a meet and greet session allows for the public to ask questions and interact with all the performers – human and equine!

The team provide three twenty minute displays per day, comprising all manner of trickery imaginable between the ponies, Rosie, and the audience.   There’s fancy liberty footwork, a dog agility and mathematician pony, a one man band pony, plenty of audience participation and even a death defying blancing act!  With beautiful vintage inspired costumes, up-beat soundtracks and a plethora of razzle dazzle, The Mini Pony Show is an equestrian attraction like you’ve never seen before!