Shark Water Show

Classic Dive Show
The show consists of 5 professional divers performing more than 70 different dives from 5 different heights. After a short introduction the show explodes with a cascade of somersaults and twists from 3 metres and the tower. This is followed by a series of difficult olympic style diving and synchronised dives from various heights. The classic part of the show is rounded up with a fantastic mass-dive where all 5 artists dive at the same time into the pool.

Comedy Dive Show
Comedy is next. The show is interrupted by a gang of crazy clowns who perform all kind of impossible and funny comic dives from various parts of the tower and even get the public involved in the show. A joy for kids of all ages.

Extreme Dive Show
The Firedive is the hot part of the show. A stunt diver in a special suit and 2 capes soaked in petrol stands on the 6 metre high platform and sets fire to himself. Burning at 800 degree celsius for 15 seconds he then dives spectacularly into the pool.

25 Metre High Diving
The high dive is a jump from 25 metres. The team finish off the show with this fantastic and extreme dive. One high diver climbs to the top of the tower and after deep concentration performs a breathtaking handstand dive with somersaults and twists into the pool which is only 3 metres deep and 7 metres diameter!