The Hogg Show

How it works:
The performance area is set on specially adapted articulated lorry with a telescopic stage which expands to give the audience the closest possible view of the show. With the stars of the show held in the wings (actually in the pens on stage) Tom brings out the 5 different breeds one at a time, to background music.

Tom’s commentary is full of interesting facts and the piggies will also demonstrate some unusual abilities too. The whole Team are there to wow the audience – Tom will have them laughing their socks off with this 5 star countryside entertainment. He will be taking this show to new levels as never seen before on the countryside show circuit.

With hilarious commentary and education all in one hit, this informative display will make a great addition to your show. Pigs such as Del Boy and Rodney (the trotters) will grace the stage along with Will I Ham and friends to keep them company, not forgetting something for the little ones. All the above will go to make an informative yet very entertaining show that people will be talking about for some time to come.