The Farmyard Show

The Farmyard Show

The Farmyard show is a sheepdog and duck show, with a hint of pantomime, performed by ‘Alfie’ the sheepdog, with a little help from his mate David. It tells the story of the rescue of Jemima, the puddle duck imprisoned in a great castle. Based on a Cinderella theme, we rely on a lot of props, and have a cast, which includes Mary the Fairy pig mother, Felicity the cart sheep (who later becomes a majestic royal sheep pulling a golden carriage) and the heroic but flawed ‘Super-duck’

After a series of hilarious failed rescue attempts, the story reaches its finale when Jemima’s Prince hangs up his crown.  This simple action causes the stuffed toy Jemima to shoot into the air and slide down a zip wire, into the ‘Dog and Duck’ pub. The pub doors spring open and Jemima emerges as a real live duck in full Jemima costume.

  •  3 X 30 minute shows per day
  • Space required – minimum of 60 X 60ft.
  • Access to water required.
  • Short grass please!

David Supplies

  • The Farmyard show in the form of trailer mounted stage
  • Arena fence
  • PA system (will need to be checked that the PA is not using the same frequency as the main show)

The Show includes:

  • 1 sheep
  • 10 duck
  • 1 goose
  • 1 turkey (or 2 hissing geese)
  • 1 pig

David Kennard Background

David Kennard is a North Devon Sheep farmer who has diversified his business in some novel ways. He started sheepdog displays on the farm back in 1998. The shows have become a fixture in the calendar for visitors to North Devon.  In 2015 the shows attracted over 7000 visitors.

David is best known as the creator and co-producer of Channel Five’s TV series ‘Mist-Sheepdog Tales’, (2006 to 2009)

The 39 X 10 minute episodes, targeted at children 3-7 years, has been repeatedly broadcast on Five, and sold to 23 countries worldwide. DVD sales of ‘Mist’ ran to 200k units in the US. With Mist repeated on National TV his shows have a strong following of ‘Mist’ fans.

Although the two main stars of the TV series ‘Jake’ and ‘Mist’ are now retired, it’s Jake’s son Alfie, who is the star of the Farmyard shows.

In addition David has written 2 books over the past ten years, the first of which ‘A Shepherd’s Watch’ made the Sunday Times top ten bestsellers list. In addition ‘The Year of the Working Sheepdog’ DVD (2000) sold 80K copies.