Potty Parrots Refuge

Potty Parrots Refuge are a family run rescue from Nottinghamshire. They appear at many shows, festivals, carnivals, country fairs etc. every year. By bringing their Static Parrot Display to shows their aim is twofold:

  • To raise money to continue working with and rescuing parrots
  • To bring awareness that these lovely loving birds need help and to educate the public about the behaviour of Parrots and about the emotional, physical and medical needs of these magnificent creatures.

Potty Parrots Refuge teach handling care and help the public to learn how these birds can be, if you have the time to spend on them while they are young.

Derrick – from Potty Parrots Refuge adds: “these birds have the mind of a 4 year old child that never grows up”.

When rescuing Potty Parrots Refuge strive to offer aid to the communities unwanted, abandoned and abused parrot population. And the main goal is always to find loving, devoted and educated homes for the parrots and other exotic birds.